Targeted Markets


OMMIC is a supplier of InP,GaN and GaAs based MMIC circuits and services to Professional Telecom, Space and Defence markets and MOCVD based Epitaxial Wafers to the Merchant Market.

IC Business High-end MMICs with better than Si performance for advanced professional telecommunication, space, instrumentation and defence systems

EPI Business High performance low cost PHEMT & HBT epitaxial wafer supply to large volume GaAs fab



OMMIC provides innovative and leading edge technologies based on GaAs, GaN and InP processes.

The portfolio includes PHEMT, and MHEMT on GaAs Substrates and DHBT on InP Substrates.

Unique options include Enhancement Mode transistors associated with the normal

Depletion Mode transistors and very short gate length high Indium content MHEMT processes.

These technologies are suitable for Low Noise, Power , Frequency Conversion, Mixed Signal, FOICs and Very High Speed Digital.

Typically the OMMIC processes are used from several KHz to 150 GHz and from low Mb/s to 80 Gb/s. These technologies are modular and include many common processing blocks - simplifying and speeding up the development, qualification and modelling of new processes.

Additional common "back end " options are available such as space qualified Via Hole Process, Au bumps, AuSn bumps etc.



OMMIC is a supplier of high volume 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch Epitaxial wafers based on the MOVPE technique to the open market. Its unique in house experience of materials, processing and design allows OMMIC to understand fully the requirements of its Customers and provide a full solution.

Existing epi processes include :


• GaAs and InP based PHEMT

• GaAs/GaInP HBT

• InP/GaAsSb HBT

PHEMT materials are provided with inline capless wafer data.

HBT materials are provided with inline wide area HBT test data


Process Roadmap

OMMIC has an aggressive roadmap to develop and introduce to the market advanced technologies based on III-V compounds. This means moving to shorter gate lengths and optimizing the Channel Indium content for the PHEMT and MHEMT processes and smaller emitters and the use of antimonides for the InP DHBT.

The use of the MHEMT technology allows OMMIC to propose the processes that are truly optimized for the In content - but at the same time fully compatible with 6 inch wafers. The short gate length technologies include 70 nm 70 % In MHEMTs, while the Enhancement mode technology will be extended to 100 nm and smaller gates with 50+ % In.